chizku - Family for bereaved parents

Support and help bereaved parents until full rehabilitation
The chizku organization helps and helps parents who have lost their children, who do not have the professional tools to deal with such a terrible disaster that suddenly struck their family.

Under the leadership of the Rabbis of Israel

From all sectors

Days of experience and activity for bereaved brothers and si

Commemoration of the deceased

Writing a joint Torah scroll

Publishing books with Divrei Torah to assist in coping

chizku has published dozens of books and pamphlets of Divrei Torah, lectures, stories of tzaddikim and more that are sent to parents who are struggling to help them in difficult times

Economic support after a disaster

A special department for economic rehabilitation of the house operates after a disaster or after a long stay in the hospital.

Warm recommendations from all the rabbis of Israel

Assistance to bereaved siblings

A special games room like a shop only for free

A day of experience for families

maran rabbi chaim kanyevski shalita

A special grader was broadcast at the ceremony of the introduction of a Torah scroll